CZECH REPUBLIC — (07-13-20) — SauVage Entertainment’  and legendary director John Smith bring you first look at “Winter Workout” on DVD.  John Smith one again delivers big dick twink lovers some of the hottest bareback action ever captured on video in “Winter Workout on DVD.

The last time we covered the SauVage Entertainment gay porn label  was with their Spring Season blockbuster “After Hours” on DVD.

Now Smith is back with European gay porn twink superstars Nick Fox, Pavel Masters, David Hollister, Danny Jones, Joel Tamir and Johny Walsh.

Winter Workout-DVD-(2020)-back-cover-SauVage-Staxus

Winter Workout-DVD-(2020)-back-cover-SauVage-Staxus

“Starting off strong with Nick who is ready to go for a run, but it’d appear Pavel has other intentions when he arrives in his ass revealing shorts, Nick is soon removing Pavel’s shirt and soon kissing almost every inch of his chest and abs before revealing Pavels treasure, which in no time is in Nicks mouth being sucked and jerked off!

However, shortly after Pavel gets a taste of Nick’s hard shaft and balls before having Nick suck him off again preparing him for what’s to come.

But the workout is only getting started as in the second scene Danny gets his workout with David, and upon returning home and falling asleep David can only make the situation go his way, after biting Danny’s ass cheek to wake him up! No surprise this one will end with the boys covered in cum!”

That is just a taste of what you can expect in this ninety-three minute bareback extravaganza!

Currently, SauVage Entertainment’ “Winter Workout” is exclusively available at Homoactive in Europe and RAD Video in the USA however, we are sure to see this one put on schedule for worldwide release by Fall Season 2020.

Watch Winter Workout (2020) NSFW Trailer below:

Winter Workout-DVD-(2020)-nsfw-trailer-SauVage-Staxus

Winter Workout-DVD-(2020)-nsfw-trailer-SauVage-Staxus

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John Smith

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SauVage Entertainment

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Czech Republic


Online Release date:
July 13, 2020

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Article by: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

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