LIVERMORE, CA — (05-12-20) — PeterFever delivers you 9 inches of Rave Hardick and Alex Chu, starring in the intense, Kink 14: Leather Playtime.  The fresh new bondage games genre scene gives you a raw peek behind the scenes as these two hot Asian-American studs give leather and bondage games a spin.

Judging by the success of PeterFever Entertainment’s blockbuster hit Suit and Tied: Submission BDSM Series back in February, Rave Hardick and Alex Chu starring in Kink 14: Leather Playtime is sure to be even bigger among Gay BDSM fans worldwide.

Plus don’t forget the eye popping hits from PeterFever Entertainment; Black PandaSexy Rich Gay Asians Gay Erotic Comedy, Yang Gayng Gay Porn Parody, and PeterFever’ first ever erotic drama release, Feed Me Your Love.

Kink 14-Leather Playtime-PeterFever-2020

Kink 14-Leather Playtime-PeterFever-2020

“Lean ripped Rave’s in high boots, cuffs, jock and a leatherman’s cap, while Alex is bound in leather straps from chest to throat. The cameraman catches each new position in a still shoot with Rave the tough top and Alex as the submissive leatherboy.

Once the studs finish posing and get down to action, Rave gets verbal and dominant with a whispering Alex, fingering his hole while Alex strokes and gasps for a breath. Rave humps his giant uncut cock into Alex’s crack. Alex perks up his perfect tan-lined butt up for Rave to dive in, and the sexy top daddy rolls on a condom. Slow and smooth at first, Rave plows his cock in with a fury. “Goddamn you’re tight boy!” he barks out, and Alex relaxes his hungry hole. Grabbing the leather straps, Rave pumps studboy’s ass and holds him by the head. “Yeah, I like that, FUCK ME!” Alex responds begging for cock. Pounding his boy’s prostate, Rave fucks out Alex’s load before he beats off a cummy wad onto his dick and nuts.”

Watch Kink 14: Leather Playtime on PeterFever

Kink 14-Leather Playtime-NSFW-Trailer

Kink 14-Leather Playtime-NSFW-Trailer

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Executive Producer:
Peter Le | Danny Zeeman

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Danny Zeeman

Production companies:
Peter Fever Entertainment

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Release date:
May 11, 2020

Article by: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

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