CZECH REPUBLIC — (02-16-21) — The Freshmen Network has released its new gay porn production of  ‘John Leto and Jerome Exupery EP01 (2021), the first of a new adventure exclusively streaming on the Network. This is also the third production JRL CHARTS has covered so far from the Freshmen Network.  The first two were Hoyt Kogan (2021) and Elio Chalamet & Derek Caravaggio (2021).

Freshmendotnet-John Leto-and-Jerome Exupery EP01-2021-02-016-jrl-charts-02

Freshmendotnet-John Leto-and-Jerome Exupery EP01-2021-02-016-jrl-charts-03

“John and Jerome’s encounter is a little different than usual. They were supposed to leave the apartment as there was a photo-session planned downstairs. However, Jerome convinces Eluan that they can stay. He insists they will be quietly resting upstairs allowing Eluan to finish his work without interruption. Resting, of course, is the last thing on his mind. They do not make it to the bed before he pounces on John. True to his word though, Jerome does try to keep it quiet, turning his ‘Jeromeness’ to the minimum setting. The result is a sensual but lusty performance from both guys.”

Watch ‘John Leto and Jerome Exupery EP01 (2021)

Freshmendotnet-John Leto & Jerome Exupery EP01-official-trailer

Executive Producer:
George Duroy

Production Companies:
BelAmi Entertainment

Pulse Distribution (DVD) (USA)
Vimpex Gay Media (DVD) (Europe)

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Czech Republic

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Digital Release date:
February 16, 2021

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Article by: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

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