HOLLYWOOD, CA — (03-17-20) — ROGUE Warfare: The Hunt trailer #2 drops from Saban Films with more action than ROGUE Warfare Trailer #1.  The action packed warfare  movie stars Jermaine Love, Will Yun Lee, Steven Lang and Rory Markham.

Bringing this reporter memories of the classic Iron Eagle II (1986), where Oscar-winner Louis Gossett, Jr., and the world’s top nations team up to stop a threat to civilization. This time out director Mike Gunther brings you the action adventure of bad guys who are an International elite underground terrorist organization.

Rogue-Warfare-The-Hunt (2020) Official Poster

Rogue-Warfare-The-Hunt (2020) Official Poster – Saban Films

“ALL NATIONS, ONE ENEMY… In this action-packed trilogy, we begin with the President of the United States (Stephen Lang) who aligns with China, Russia, Great Britain, and France to assemble an elite TEAM of highly trained, special ops soldiers to defeat The Black Mask Organization: a highly intelligent and greatly feared terrorist group.

This ruthless enemy threatens global security utilizing a new-age approach to terror by fusing biology with technology. This new weapon will destroy world order. The TEAM, led by heroic operative Daniel (Will Yun Lee), must take on this impossible mission to source and disarm this secret bomb targeted to kill several world leaders.”

Highland Film Group and Saban Films have announced the release date for director Mike Gunther’s latest action movie to be April 3, 2020.

Watch Rogue Warfare: The Hunt Trailer #2

genres: Action | Drama | War

Directed by:
Mike Gunther

Director of Photography:
John T. Connor

Written by:
Mike Gunther

Production Designer:
Christina Myal | Jon Stein

Edited by:
Scott Conrad A.C.E

Mike Gunther
Andrew Emilio DeCesare
Michael J. Day
Delphine Perrier

Executive Producers:
Arianne Fraser
Henry interstern
Deborah P. Gutierrez
Ryan Noto

Production co:
Dovecheck Productions Limited
5150 Action Productions

Distributed by
Highland Film Group


Country: USA

Language: English

Release date: April 3, 2020

Copyright © 2019 Highland Film Group

Article by: Michael “The Sizzler”, Staff Writer

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