LAS VEGAS — (02-22-23) — Action thriller ‘The Siege'(2023) Official trailer drops from Saban Films and MSR Media. The action packed film stars muscle jock Daniel Stisen, Yennis Cheung and Byron Gibson, in a Brad Watson film.

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Saban Films-The Siege-Film 2023-Screen Clips-new movie trailers jrl charts

“Walker, an international assassin/hitman, is compromised during a mission. His handler sends him to a Reassignment Center at which Walker will be processed for a new identity. During his stay at the facility, a ruthless assault team storms the compound searching for someone their boss has lost. Walker begrudgingly falls in with Elda, a skilled hitwoman, and Juliet, her mysterious ward, in order to maximize the chance to survive the night.” — Brad Watson

The Siege (2023) will be released in theaters March 10, and on digital and VOD March 14 from Saban Films.

Watch The Siege Official Trailer (2023)

Official Website

Directed by:
Brad Watson

Written by:
Nicole Bartlett

Cinematography by:
James Oldham

Film Editing by:
Brad Watson

Production Design by:
Ian Kerr

Executive Producers:
Lee Beasley
Shanan Becker
Karinne Behr
Kirsty Bell
Bill Bromiley
Philippe Martinez
Jonathan Saba
Ness Saban

Produced by:
Alan Latham

Associate Producers:
Lisa Gabriel
Arran MacLennan
Nick Royak

Production Companies:
Highfield Grange Studios

Distributed by:
MSR Media International (Sales)
Saban Films (USA)
Tiberius Film (Germany)

Country of Origin:
United Kingdom
United States


Release date:
March 10, 2023 (Theatrical)
March 14, 2023 (Digital/VOD)

Copyright © 2022 Eagle Film Productions

Article by: Michael “The Sizzler”, Staff Writer

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