NATIONAL CITY, CA — (10-31-19) — Mr. Hankey’s Toys celebrates Halloween with their worldwide fan base by unleashing their TOP 5 Sellers; Cody Cachet, Ray Diesel, Topher Michels, Nick Capra and rounding out the Top 5, CutlerX.

I was going to post images of Mr. Hankey’s Toys TOP 5 Sellers but I knew you would prefer to watch Justin demonstrate these Top sellers!

Coming in at #1 is the priceless gem of the Cody Cachet! All good things cum to those who wait! Cody Cachet, the twink with the big dick, paid a visit to our shop and now we are proud to introduce you to his very own life casting! As a porn star twink, Cody made big waves in the industry using his impressive tool to make the other boys go gaga – and now you can too! Cody’s life casting is a perfect mold of the real thing, right down to the last detail.

Mr Hankey’s Toys takes Halloween to Another Level!

Are you ready? Coming in at #2 is the Ray Diesel Signature line is the jaw dropper for Halloween lovers! The Signature sex toy brings you guaranteed rock-hard, extra wide man-meat action any time you wish.

That’s right, the man with the giant cock! Now available in five sizes – starting with the small size and going all the way up to the massive XXXL size. It’s an exact copy of the well hung master’s Cock! Every detail has been captured, even the natural bend in his shaft!

Coming in at #3 is none other than the Topher Michels Signature Line of pleasure devices which is currently celebrating one year on the market!  No wonder it cracked the Top 5 Best Seller list of Mr. Hankey’s Toys.

Another life-casting from Hankey’s Toys and they just keep getting better and better! This ultra-realistic mold of porn star Topher Michels is as close to the real thing as you can get! This life casting is flawless, every detail from Topher Michel’s cock was replicated, right down to the smallest detail! We have a wide range of sizes on this toy, one for everyone -choose your size and take Topher home tonight!

Mr Hankey’s Toys Michael Mickey Is A Perfectionist

Coming in at #4 is none other than Gay Porn Superstar Nick Capra with Every single inch of his manly hood Signature Line!

Founder and President of Hankey’s Toys Michael Mickey continues to take every single detail into account when creating Gay Porn Superstars Signature Lines and the Nick Capra Signature Line is no exception!

If having Nick Captra’s original sized phallus pounding your guts wasn’t enough for you, they step all the way up to XXXL to fill even the greediest holes! (That comment and more you will find exclusively on the Mr. Hankey’s Toys Website. I couldn’t resist using it!).

Rounding out Mr. Hankey’s Toys Top 5 Sellers for Halloween at #5, is the breathtaking CulterX Signature Line. The CutlerX was developed using Hankey’s Toys very own proprietary life casting methods and was casted directly from CutlerX’s very own massive member, capturing even the smallest detail.

If you though watching Gay porn star CutlerX destroying asses with no mercy in movies was jaw dropping, just until you experience for your self when you take every inch of CutlerX in your own bedroom! Going balls deep and making YOU beg for mercy!

Plus…. forgive me Mr. Hankey’s Toys but you know I had to plug two additional Halloween “MUST STOCKS” , The Oni , and the Alien Breeder, now exclusively on sale at the Hankey’s Toys Online Superstore.

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Article by: Andy Powell, Staff Writer

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