NATIONAL CITY, CA — (03-03-20) — Mr. Hankey’s Toys St. Patrick’s Day Must Stocks for March are the Oni dildo, Sigmaloid dildo and the patented Sea Horse dildo which by the way is available in five sizes and, all three are available in multiple colors.

Michael Mickey, founder, president and designer of Mr. Hankey’s Toys, knows the importance of power bottoms wanting to feast on the latest in anal pleasure and that is why he brings you the Oni, Sigmaloid and Seahorse Dildos.

Let’s review Mr. Hankey’s Toys St. Patrick’s Day Must Stocks that are available in multiple colors!

Retailers, distributors and consumers, just look at the quality of the Oni:

The ogre-like demon with a cock to match! Ready to split you in two, summon Oni tonight, he’ll show up when you least expect it. Pushing you down on all fours as he grabs you from behind – you won’t get away now…get ready!

Oni enters you with one quick thrust, with the intent to destroy. Pounding you with no mercy until you submit to the relentless thrusting and only until he has decided he is done with you… he’ll pull out slowly leaving you wasted and ruined, too tired to move and implanted with his demon seed.

“This is an absolute gorgeous toy, very well done – a true piece of art,” Michael Mickey told JRL CHARTS. “We are very proud of this design and the results of all the hard work that went into creating this masterpiece. Get your Oni today, you won’t be disappointed!”

Then there is the Sigmaloid! Can anyone say YUM?

For those of you who want some length without the width, Mr. Hankey’s Toys introduces you to the ‘Sigmaloid’. A finger-like, fantasy, depth-seeking creature that has the perfect shape for some deep exploration as it bends and turns without stretching your hole too wide.

Mickey commented on the Simaloid…”This toy is aimed at comfort and great for beginners to those who simply want some depth without the excessive width. This toy is offered in our three standard colors and also, at no additional charge, our very beautiful ‘Metallic Green’ color. Available in Xtra-Small, Small/Medium and Medium/Large.”

Last but not least we have Patented Seahorse Dildo:

The Seahorse dildo is beautifully sculpted with very intricate detail, with ridges from tip to base to ensure maximum penetration. If you want to feel bumps, ridges, ribs, and humps, this sea dragon of a dildo will perfectly fulfill your erotic ocean fantasy. You will feel this toy “pop” through your sphincter every inch of the way. With a tapered head, this toy has the ability to go deep and is excellent for depth and width play.

Now available in metallic green, it’s time to hop on the Seahorse and let him take you to new depths! This exotic, ocean-inspired seahorse dildo comes in five popular sizes.

See what sex toy experts Lucy Love and Tawney Seren are saying the Oni and Sigmaloid

Sex toy expert Tawney Seren gives you the insight scoop on the Sigmaloid!

Then check out Hankey’s Toys one and only Justin spotlight the patented Sea Horse

Consumers can review the entire line up for Saint Patrick’s Day on the Hankey’s Toys Official Website.

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Article by: Andy Powell, Staff Writer

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