CRANSTON, RI — (08-09-19) — Metrob2b kicks off Anal August month with “MUST STOCKS’ for retailers in CBD products and Brahma enhancement collection.

Cavi Caps 50 MG

Cavi Caps 50 MG

One of the spotlights this week for Anal August from Metrob2b is their CBD products.  As the CBD market continues to grow, Metrob2b has aggressively vetted numerous brands in the marketplace and has significantly expanded their CBD offerings for retailers.

Take for example, the Cavi Caps 50 MG! It brings customers the same relief and quality that you expect from Caviar Gold – now available in capsule form!

The brand new Cavi Caps are completely THC-free, allowing you to feel better without feeling high. Caps are a great option for fans of edibles, or anyone who prefers alternate methods of ingestion. Made of pure powder on the inside, and vegetable capsules on the outside, every Cavi Cap is entirely organic, and vegan friendly too!

“Metro is focused on helping our retail partners grow revenue and profits by promoting items that sell,” Jase D., Metrob2b Vice President of Sales told JRL CHARTS. “Every week we alternate between adult novelty and CBD/Smoke and run a new and exciting promotional lineup focused on the top brands and products in the industry.” said Jase D.

Anal August “MUST STOCK” for Retail from Metrob2b

Their retail partners appreciate the research Metrob2b puts forth to ensure quality product standards. Now with nearly 20 quality brands and growing, Metro offers retailers a wide variety of innovative CBD products to satisfy nearly every customer need from oils to edibles and vapes to topicals.

Canna Crunch 120mg CBD Snack

Canna Crunch 120mg CBD Snack

Jase D. told JRL CHARTS…”As an example of innovation, our exclusive product “Canna Crunch“, is a “super snack” made with full spectrum hemp based CBD and farm-fresh spirulina and loaded with power antioxidants, iron, calcium and protein,” said Jase D.

Another hot spotlight for Anal August month from Metro is their top selling “Brahma enhancement pill” line.

“The Brahma enhancement pill is one of our top-sellers and now comes in liquid shots for both male and female enhancement and these products are also flying off the shelf,” said Jase D. “The long-lasting 3-day formula supports increased energy, libido and performance and has customers coming back repeatedly.” said Jase D.

Retailers this is just the beginning of what Metro Distributors is spotlighting for Anal August month!

Plus next week, JRL CHARTS will bring you another set of Anal August ‘MUST STOCKS” from Metro Distributors’ including their Best Seller, the “Ringmaster”.

Retailers, contact your  account representative at Metro Distributors for all of their promotions for Anal August, toll free at 1+888-464-4856 | International Calls: 1+401-461-2200 Extension 140 | EMAIL |  Metrob2b. Follow Metrob2b daily on Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube.

Article by: Andy Powell, Staff Writer

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