FINLAND — (JRL CHARTS MUSIC) — Openly gay 18 year-old pop singer Tuure Boelius, is flawless with his new Vihaan Rakastaa Sua music video. The Finland native is making a huge impression on the European Market as Vihaan Rakastaa Sua hits 337,000 YouTube views as of this posting.

The young actor, YouTuber and pop sensation Boelius signed his first contract with Kaiku Entertainment in January 2017. Vihaan Rakastaa Sua is the fifth single from Tuure Boelius and I can’t wait until Vihaan Rakastaa Sua hits number one as did Boelius’ “Eikö sua hävetä” song did in 2017.

Tuure Boelius-Gay-Pop-Artist-18-Year-Old-Sensation-Finland

Tuure Boelius-Gay-Pop-Artist-18-Year-Old-Sensation-Finland

Vihaan Rakastaa Sua Music Video by Tuure Boelius is Flawless

When Kaiku Entertainment released Vihaan Rakastaa Sua on Feb. 8, 2019, they knew they had a hit on their hands. Again, I can’t wait to see Tuure Boelius hit the top of the LGBT Top 40 Chart with Vihaan Rakastaa Sua music video.

Cast: Tuure Boelius

genres: Pop Music

Album: Vihaan rakastaa sua

Digital Downloads: Deezer | iHeartRadio | Spotify

Directed by: Toni Karén

Screenplay, Description and Surgery: Toni Karén

Choreography by: Reija Wäre

Makeup: Aarni Mikkola

Produced by: Oona Tuukkanen

Record Label: Kaiku Entertainment

Follow Tuure Boelius: Facebook | Instagram | YouTube

Article by: Michael “The Sizzler” Jacobs, Staff Writer

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