INDIA — (04-29-19) — LGBTQIA+ hip hop artist Pragya Pallavi, breaks out with her new Hip Hop music video Izzat De. The First Openly LGBTQIA+ Artist from India Releases New Single Ahead of her Debut Album.

Izzat De! is the latest single from Pragya Pallavi’s “Queerism”, the first queer-themed musical album to release from India. Both the single and the video were released on March 8th as part of International Women’s Day. With the song sending a message of positivity to women of all ages, backgrounds and sexuality, its made an instant impression.

Pragya Pallavi’s publicity agent released the following statement:

“Izzat De” is an urban-inspired Indian hip hop track in Hindi and English, where Pragya fiercely raps against sexism, casteism and social injustice and gives a shout-out for peace, equality, and self-respect for all marginalized people.

The hip hop song’s lyrics were composed by Pragya, who hopes that the politics of hate can be stopped in India and all over the world.  The groovy and eminently dance-able hip hop beats, produced by Deejey Lolly and Pragya, have a fusion element using the Nagaswaram, a South Indian wind instrument.”

Pragya Pallavi Release IZZAT DE Official Music Video

The music video for Izzat De sees Pragya performing against a background of anti-war protests in Mumbai, women’s protests in Kerala, Ambedkar statues, mosques, temples and churches, city streets and theatre schools. Sometimes she is accompanied by swaggering lungi-clad women dancers and a dream-like Nagaswaram player. The video was directed by queer activist, Deepa Vasudevan, with Neethu Saji as Director of Photography.

Cast: Pragya Pallavi

genres: Hip Hop

Directed by: Deepa Vasudevan

Post Production: Team Queerism and Mayoora Creations

Pragya Pallavi: Official Website

Pragya Pallavi:  Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube

Country: India

Language: English

Music Video Release date: April 11, 2019

Article by: Michael “The Sizzler” Jacobs, Staff Writer

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