LOS ANGELES, CA — (03-14-19) — The LYNK Natural Anal Lubricant is the best for anal pleasure. The water-based succulent formula manufactured by The Enhanced Male, will deliver the intimate pleasures you desire.

Owner and president Daniel Becker told JRL CHARTS…”In order to get the most from your sexual experiences,” said Becker. “All you need is the high-quality LYNK Natural Anal lubricant which is designed specifically for your sexual needs.

LYNK Natural Anal Lubricant

LYNK Natural Anal Lubricant

According to The Enhanced Male’ R&D division, the LYNK Natural anal lubricant is a specialized lube that gives you all of the long-lasting slickness you need. In fact it will keep all sex including anal sex, fun and comfortable. It contains a high quality body safe water base which won’t dry out and leave you sticky.

Daniel Becker says of the LYNK Natural Anal Lubricant, its simply the best lube for anal and backdoor pleasure!

Remember, this specially formulated intimate lubricant is designed for anal sex but is also great for all intimate experiences.

LYNK Natural Anal Lubricant Ingredients:

* Slick lubricant for sex
* Paraben free and Glycerin Free
* Long lasting water based lubricant formula
* Never gets sticky or tacky
* Easy to clean and will never stain
* Perfect texture for anal lube
* Easy to clean and will never stain
* Latex and condom safe
* Great for use with any and all sex toys
* Thick liquid consistency for added comfort
* No harsh chemicals added
* No numbing agents added
* Extremely soft and slippery

LYNK Natural Anal Lubricant is the best for Anal Pleasure

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For more information on the LYNK Natural Anal Lubricant, visit The Enhanced Male. Adult retailers can get wholesale information by calling 1+805-870-5117 | Facebook | Twitter .

Article by: Andy Powell, Staff Writer

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