WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA — (07-15-19) — The Enhanced Male released certified sexual wellness expert Danny Garrett, with “Which is the Best Lube for Silicone Toys?”

Review the opening from Danny Garrett:

“Let’s face it, sex toys are becoming increasingly popular with no end in sight. Every day, thousands of people take the leap and buy their first sex toy, vibrator, or cock ring and there is one serious question on their mind. How do you know whether or not their sex lube is safe to use with their sex toys? Given that many of the higher end sex toys run in the hundreds of dollars, we can’t blame them for wanting to make sure their favorite lube isn’t going to ruin their new cock rings or prostate massager.”

The Enhanced Male, Danny Garrett Q&A, Which Is Bets Lube for Silicone Toys

Is Oil Based Lube Safe with Sex Toys?

First and foremost, lets immediately get rid of all oil based lubes if you are using sex toys and quite frankly, even if you are not using sex toys. Oil based sex lube is really only good for masturbation. Not only should oil based lubes not be used internally (they can coat the anus or vagina, and prevent your body from properly cleaning itself); they shouldn’t be used on sex toys. Regardless of the sex toy material, oil based products (including lubes, creams and massage oils) will coat your toy, and the only way to get the oil off of them is by using chemicals that aren’t going to be friendly to either your toy or your body. Basically, keep the oil away from your sex toys, period.

Is Silicone Based Lube Safe with Sex Toys?

The next lube you should think about putting on the chopping block is silicone based lubricant. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves though, silicone lube is actually very good to use with sex toys that are made from hard materials such as plastic, any metals, ceramic, wood, etc. Silicone lube will give your toys a very slick and luxurious texture while you are using them. Not only is silicone lubricant great for all hard material sex toys, its fantastic for sex in the water since it’s waterproof! Anal sex, vaginal sex, or masturbation, silicone will get it done. Silicone lube is pretty easy to get off as well, just some warm water and soap should get the job done.

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Article by: William Lopez, Staff Writer

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