LAS VEGAS — (02-14-19) — Kristen Bjorn Drops his 100% bareback gay production of Raw Tomcat. Pulse has taken possession of Bjorn’s latest muscle hunk raw feature film which is set to ship on Feb.26.

The Raw Tomcat bareback film features Marcos Oliveira, Apolo Fire, Kris de Fabio, Marcos Oliveira, Diego Summers, Ridder Rivera and a huge supporting cast.

Raw Tomcats - Kristen Bjorn Bareack

Raw Tomcats (2019) – Kris de Fabio-Marcos Oliveira-Diego Summers

Raw Tomcats (2019) - Marcos Oliveira - Apolo Fire - Kristen BJorn nsfw

Raw Tomcats (2019) – Marcos Oliveira – Apolo Fire – Kristen BJorn nsfw

“Max Hilton is preparing for an upcoming bodybuilding competition and is trying to convince his good buddy Robin Sanchez to enter as well. The guys strip down and explore each other’s pumped, ripped muscles. As they work through the posing moves, they find that their cocks are unable to remain restrained by their tight posing trunks. Easily distracted by such a sight, Max and Robin begin to peal away their posing trunks to reveal.

The greatly anticipated hook up of Santi Sexy and Ridder Rivera has finally arrived. Two perfectly sculpted muscle gods clash in a sexual explosion of massive proportions. Each has something the other desires and today we witness those fantasies coming to life. Santi backs his muscular ass up against Ridder, who begins to rip his shorts off of him in great anticipation of what is to come.

Kris de Fabio has decided to have an intimate party at his house and invites his two favorite guests, Marco Oliviera and Diego Summers. Its one of those parties where everyone knows that a good time will be had by all. Being the good host that he is, Kris is the first to expose his hard cock and to drop to his knees to greet his guest meaty, uncut cocks. Kris expertly works his way from one hot cock to the other and back again as he lavishes them with his skillful cock sucking skills.”

That is just a taste of what to expect in Raw Tomcats by Kristen Bjorn and Pulse Distribution.

Raw Tomcats (2019) scene trailer - Kristen Bjorn

Cast: Apolo Fire | Kris de Fabio | Marcos Oliveira | Apolo Fire | Marcos Oliveira

genres: Bareback | Blowjobs | Hairy | Muscles | Tattoos

Raw Tomcats DVD (2019) – Kristen Bjorn-Pulse

Directed by: Kristen Bjorn

Production: Kristen Bjorn

Distributed by: Pulse Distribution (USA)

Distributed by: Vimpex Gay Media (EU)

Country: USA

Language: English

Ship date: February 26, 2019

Street date: March 6, 2019

Article by: William Lopez, Staff Writer

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