MIAMI, FL — (11-09-20) — Kristen Bjorn accountants are going to be smiling with the release of  the flip fuck bareback production of ‘Exhilarating’, starring Delan Benobe and Marcos Oliveira..

There is nothing more exhilarating than receiving that call from the guy you have been dreaming about and today Delan Benobe received that call from Marcos Oliveira. Delan heads over to Marcos’ flat and finds him already aroused and high.

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Kristen Bjorn-Exhilarating-Delan Benobe-and-Marcos Oliveira gay-porn-jrl-charts-002

Kristen Bjorn-Exhilarating-Delan Benobe-and-Marcos Oliveira gay-porn-jrl-charts-004

“Delan immediately strips down and saunters over to grasp the throbbing bulge in Marcos’ underwear. Dropping to his knees, Delan begins sucking on Marcos’ long, cylindrical cock, as he does so he uses his firm lips to push back the foreskin so that Marcos’ throbbing cock head can feel the overwhelming sensation of entering Delan’s throat.

Marcos takes his opportunity and begins to seductively suck on Delan’s huge cock, taking his time to feel the full majesty of every inch that passes across his tongue. With his cock soaking wet Delan hangs from the rafters so that Marcos can have full access to his perfectly smooth, muscular ass.

Marcos wastes no time and instantly his tongue is licking, probing and pleasuring that perfect ass. Delan and Marcos retire to the sofa where Delan’s legs are spread open and Marcos begins probing his ass with his throbbing cock.”

That is what multi award-winner Kristen Bjorn has in store for you when you want Exhilarating, starring Delan Benobe and Marcos Oliveira.

Exhilarating premiered on the Kristen Bjorn Network on November 6th, 2020.

Watch Exhilarating NSFW Trailer

kristen bjorn-exhilarating-gay-porn-scene-trailer

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Directed by:
Kristen Bjorn

Production Companies:
Kristen Bjorn Productions

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Distributed by:
Pulse Distribution  (DVD) (USA) (Canada)

Distributed by:
Vimpex Gay Media (DVD) (Europe)



Digital Release date:
November 6, 2020

Retailers can get ordering information on the Kristen Bjorn gay porn label on DVD by contacting Pulse Distribution‘ Vice President of Sales Andrew Quaintance at  1+818-435-1604 | Fax 1+818-435-1602 | EMAIL | B2B Site | Skype: Andrew_Pulse.

Article by: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

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