LAS VEGAS — (02-14-19) — Miss Benny,  YouTube sensation, has a hit music video on his hands with Rendezvous.  Born Ben J. Pierce but also known by his persona’ Miss Benny,  has out done himself this time out.

Rendezvous was written and produced by Miss Benny which shows his musical genius in both composing, writing and singing to a mainstream audience.

You will find your self glued as if you were under a hypnotic spell while watching Rendezvous hit music video by Miss Benny which by the way, was directed by Patrick Broderick and Blake English.

Cast: Miss Benny | Mark Young | Mark Manio

genres: Pop Music | Gay Music Videos

Miss Benny: Official Website

Directed by: Patrick Broderick | Blake English

Director of Photography: Tehillah De Castro

Production Designer: Austin Burk

Edited by: Miss Benny

Rendevzous Available Now: Amazon | Apple Music | iTunes | Spotify

Copyright (C) 2019 Miss Benny Entertainment

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