LOS ANGELES — (01-21-19) — LatinBoyz brings you first look at Santi and Mateo in Raw Love Action.  In fact the LatinBoyz gay porn network dropped on Sunday Jan. 19, the first images of the “MUST SEE” Latin bareback twink gay porn scene and already gay porn bloggers are taking notice.

According to LatinBoyz Entertainment’s publicity department, Santi and Mateo have a complicated relationship. They grew up in the same neighborhood and Santi was known for fucking all the ladies. One day he was really horny and asked Mateo if he wanted to give up that ass. That was a couple years ago and they now fuck on a regular basis. They both needed money and there’s nothing better than getting paid for what you love doing.

LatinBoyz teases photos of Santi and Mateo for the build up of their Latin bareback gay porn scene. Get more information on Santi and Mateo exclusively on the LatinBoyz Gay Porn Network.



Cast: Santi | Mateo

genres: 18-25 | Bareback | Big DicksBlowjobs |  Latin TwinksTattoos

LatinBoyz: Official Website

Directed by: VeoVerga

Production co: LatinBoyz Productions

Distributed by: LatinBoyz Gay Porn Network

Country: USA

Language: English

Release date: January 19, 2019

Article by: William Lopez, Staff Writer

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