LAS VEGAS — (01-18-19) — Sam Tsui releases ‘There For You’ official dance music video that Tsui partnered with the Samsung Galaxy Note9. There for You dance music video shows off sexy Sam Tsui’s dance moves in his latest hit.

“I partnered with Samsung to shoot this entire video with the Samsung Galaxy Note9″ said Sam Tsui. The entire movie was shot with the Galaxy Note9.

Tsui is backed up by his dancers Laura Quinn, Minor Terraza, Sir Charles and Analiza Zapien.

Sam Tsui said…”Welcome to the Samily! What began with a love of pop music – deconstructing and reinterpreting some of my favorite songs into creative covers, medleys, and mashups – has taken me on a journey that now allows me to release original albums and songs.”

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Cast: Sam Tsui | Laura Quinn | Minor Terraza | Sir Charles | Analiza Zapien

genres: Dance Music Videos | Pop Music Videos

Directed by: Ryan Parma

Choreography by: Laura Quinn

Assistant Choreographer: Minor T.

‘There For You’ Production Credits:

Written by: San Tsui | Casey Breves

Produced by: Sam Tsui

Publishing by: Tsui Music

Sam Tsui: Official Website

Sam Tsui: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube

Licensee: Stem Disintermedia Inc

Article by: Michael “The Sizzler” Jacobs, Staff Writer

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