MIAMI, FL — (01-15-19) — We can now confirm that Processing Partners is expanding its offerings with a new prepaid MasterCard that provides merchants with an alternative solution to pay out to their affiliates, team members, and broadcasters.

Processing Partners, which has serviced high-risk merchant verticals since 2005, eMoneyflow features competitive pricing, and most importantly, a zero percent merchant loading float fee.

“eMoneyFlow isn’t trying to take over the high-risk prepaid card market,” Processing Partners’ said CEO Benjamin Bayr. “But merely trying to compliment what is already available as a secondary and tertiary option for those who need or want an alternative card in the event of a bank freeze or any unforeseeable hiccup in daily operations.” said Bayr.

Currently, due to cross border regulations, eMoneyFlow is only available for payouts across the European Economic Area, but there are plans to add other global market jurisdictions in the future.

Adult webmasters and content providers can get more information by contacting Processing Partners at +1+954-338-8539 | EMAIL | Official Website | Facebook | Twitter

Article by: Jack MacNamara, Staff Writer

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