By: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

Himeros Website Will Reinvent Gay Porn!

YouTube star Davey Wavey who whom you remember from his performance in the blockbuster gay porn parody Justice League: A Gay XXX Parody (2017) , has launched, an erotic playground for men who have sex with men to enhance their experience of sex and sexuality.

According to Wavey, seeks to build a community around sexual exploration, connection and ecstasy via weekly video updates, members-only live video chats and much more on the full website.

“Like many gay men, I learned about gay sex from watching gay porn. And while porn is good at getting you off”, said Davey Wavey. “It isn’t good at demonstrating pleasure or intimacy or helping you discover what feels good. But does all of that. What we’re offering is different from traditional porn. It’s its own unique genre. We’re working with world-class directors, sex coaches and gorgeous models to create content that gets you in touch with your body, your partner or partners, and your desires. That’s what I want to help people connect with.” said Wavey.

Davey Wavey brought his vision for Himeros last month as keynote speaker for GayVN@Internext. To read about his presentation, You can Review His Presentation Here.

And gay porn fans I know what you are asking….How is different from regular porn?

According to Davey Wavey, Make no mistake: features fully nude, erotic videos featuring sex between men. So how is it different from traditional porn? The answer is simple: Intent. The intent of porn is to arouse you and make you cum. It’s a worthwhile pursuit and something of which we are fans! However, the intent with is to enhance your experience of sex and sexuality. We want to show you new ways to experience pleasure, discover your desires and express yourself in ways that bring you joy and ecstasy.

One of the breath taking features now streaming on Himeros is “Blessing of the Elder” Directed by Daniel Cardone and features gay porn stars Blake Mitchell, and Joey Mills.

Affiliates interested in supporting can email and/or join the revolution by visiting Billing and affiliates are handled by industry leader CCBill.

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