THESSALONIKI, GREECE — (01-09-19) — The 2019 collection of Modus Vivendi is jaw dropping especially with its new collection of Festive Line, Tiger Line, Jock Line and the Fetish Line.

The eye catching collections are already a huge hit among the Gay community especially with the Festive Line is according to Modus Vivendi’ publicity division, a luxury gateway with your significant other or with your friends who cannot be complete without the Festive Line.

Modus Vivendi Festive Line

In fact, these elegant and luxury pieces will match any man’s expectations of high quality fabric, uniqueness and style. Dress to impress and enjoy your winter vacation wearing a jewel on your body feeling like a bon viveur. The Festive Line comprises of briefs, boxers, bottomless, tank tops, T-shirts and pants.

The Tiger Line was inspired by the nostalgic country – western look fashion of cowboys. You don’t have to head for the woods to wear a stylish shearing or an animal print piece; our urban cowboy will get through the winter season in confidence and style.

Modus VIvendi Tiger Line Collection - Men's Underwear

Pair it with your favorite basic garments and follow this season trend successfully. The Tiger Line comprises of jockstraps, singlets, loungepants, robes, meggings, hoodies and onesies.

The one that I know gym rats will be immediately drawn to is the Jock Line. The tension between two different worlds, the aristocrat and the hunter, coexist in the Jock Line. The love for luxury and the love for comfort merging to create a rich street wear style. The Jock Line is the crown of this fall winter collection, presenting a lavish world from the eyes of a peasant. The Jock Line comprises of briefs, boxers, bottomless, tank tops, shirts, jackets and pants.

Modus Vivendi Jock Line Men's Underwear

Last but not least out of my spotlight picks from Modus Vivendi, is the Fetish Line. Every self respecting gay man will accept their sexual deviations and embrace the Modus Vivendi Fetish Line.

Modus Vivendi’s sales division said of the Fetish Line…”Not to be extreme or provocative but to give into the symbolic expression of eroticism’s.  Get out of the shadows and celebrate your sexuality. The Fetish line can definitely ensure a whole night of pleasure with sassy bedroom games.

What are you waiting for?If you enjoy a fetish lifestyle or you are a more pleasure seeker then the Fetish Line will urge you to revive your fantasies and give into lust. The Fetish Line comprises of briefs, boxers, jockstraps, bottomless and singlets.”

Don’t delay on stocking up heavily on the Festive Line, Tiger Line, Jock Line and Fetish Line by Modus Vivendi. Contact their wholesale department at +30 2310 305831 | EMAIL | Official Website | Facebook | Pinterest | Tumblr | Twitter | YouTube

Article by: Jack MacNamara, Staff Writer

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