NEW YORK CITY — (12-17-18) Romantic Depot Adult Store was among several retail stores who were caught in a Backdraft fire that knocked fire fighters off their feed and destroyed a row of stores in the 5-alarm fire last Thursday, Dec 13. The fire started in a restaurant based in Queens at 2:10 p.m.

The massive fire sparked explosions which knocked firefighters off their feet and quickly spread throughout the attached retail stores and injuring dozens of people.

The attached retail businesses were destroyed including the newly opened Romantic Depot adult store. The Romantic Depot continues to be New York City’ largest adult retailer of sex toys with eight locations including the one destroyed.

However, the adult retail chain who opened its newest location back in October are now looking at hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages and inventory, the executives at the Romantic Depot said that they will return to Quens and will also be opening its ninth location in Brooklyn in 2019.

The massive fire started in the New York Styles Eats restaurant on Queens Boulevard around 2:10 p.m. Firefighters initial investigation states that a backdraft caused a an explosion which caused the rear of the restaurant to collapse.

Fire investigators believe that once the initial sparks reached the shared space between the ceiling of the adjacent stores, their roofs quickly caught fire and quickly got out of control.

A neighbor told the the Daily News…”I saw the fire roll over the stores. We had seen the lingerie store basically impose, The walls were falling in, the mannequins were melting. It was uncontrolled for hours.”

The 5-alarm fire caused 12 firefighters and neighbors to be treated for minor injuries on scene.

Article by: Andy Powell, Staff Writer

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