17 12, 2018

Watch Backdraft Fire Explosion Destroy Romantic Depot NYC

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NEW YORK CITY — (12-17-18) Romantic Depot Adult Store was among several retail stores who were caught in a Backdraft fire that knocked fire fighters off their feed and destroyed a row of stores in the 5-alarm fire last Thursday, Dec 13. The fire started in a restaurant based in Queens at 2:10 p.m. The [...]

17 10, 2018

Hip-Hop Rapper 6ix9ine Drops Into Romantic Depot Adult Store

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NEW YORK, NY — (10-17-18) — New York rapper 6ix9ine may have rainbow hair, a rainbow grill and the number "69" tattooed all over his body, but all that made little difference when he stopped by Romantic Depot.  6ix9ine hung out and reviewed some of their pleasure products, as can be seen on the store's [...]

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