New York, NY — (12-14-18) — Jake Jaxson unleashes ALL SAINTS Chapter 2 ‘The Bone Collector’ starring CockyBoys’ Sean Ford and Jacen Zhu in what critics are calling a jaw dropping stimulating thriller.

In this stunning new episode of All Saints Chapter 2, ‘The Bone Collector’, viewers take another journey into past lives, decades after episode one’s Civil War setting with Max Adonis and Cole Clair.

In the backwoods of Depression era Louisiana, motherless loner Luke (Sean Ford) spends his days digging up and collecting discarded remnants but has a particular affinity for bottles. One field trip takes him into uncharted territory and an inexplicable discovery. On another search, two years later, he meets John (Jacen Zhu) a fellow collector whose interests are more practical than his but the two hit it off instantly.

All Saints Chapter 2 - The Bone Collector - Sean Ford - CockyBoys

All Saints Chapter 2 - The Bone Collector - Jacen Zhu - CockyBoys

Luke and John become fast close friends, spending time together digging & collecting, they share their thoughts & common interests. One night in Luke’s room they exchange meaningful gifts and begin to cautiously explore their physical attraction. John, played by Jacen is gentle with Luke (Sean Ford) caressing and lightly kissing his lips and body while slowly undressing him.

Sean Ford and Jacen Zhu have perfect chemistry together as they deliver a standout and sensual sex scene. The two begin by trading oral before Sean bottoms for Jacen in a passionate and explosive encounter. In the middle of the night, John (Jacen) is seen rushing to get dressed and leave the room as Luke (Sean) wakes up and realizes his dad is heading up stairs to his room. In a shocking ending, under the glow of the full moon, Luke finally understands the words of his beloved late mother.

All Saints Chapter 2 - Jacen Zhu and Sean Ford - CockyBoys

All Saints Chapter 2 - The Bone Collector - Sean Ford Gets Fucked by Jacen Zhu- CockyBoys

Director Jake Jaxson says of the latest episode of ALL SAINTS ’The Bottle Collector’, “This project is so special to me and it takes a lot of personal energy and effort to bring this to life. I’m really blessed to work with such an amazing cast, Sean and Jacen were total pros, and couldn’t have delivered better performances. I hope everyone connects to this episode as much as we do, it’s one of our best of the year!” said Jaxson.

“THE END iS JUST THE BEGiNNiNG,”… Watch the full episode of All Saints Chapter 2 –  ‘The Bottle Collector’ exclusively on the CockyBoys gay porn network.

All Saints-Chapter-2-gay porn- movie-trailer-Sean Ford-Jacen Zhu-CockyBoys

Cast: Sean Ford | Jacen Zhu

genres: 18-25 | Big Dicks | Black Men | Blowjobs | Interracial | Power Bottom

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All Saints-DVD-gay-pornDirected by: Jake Jaxson

Production co: CockyBoys Entertainment

Distributed by: Media Partners LLC

Country: USA

Language: English

Run time: 47 Minutes

Release date: December 14, 2018

Article by: William Lopez, Staff Writer

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