NEW YORK — (02-08-19) — Gay adult film superstar Sean Ford takes the lead in ‘Le Garcon Scandaleux’, a co-production by CockyBoys and Pink TV’s Pink X.

Shot on location in Paris France by multi award-winning director Jake Jaxson, ‘Le Garcon Scandaleux’ (The Scandalous Boy), also stars Carter Dane, Paul Delay and Ben Masters.

According to CockyBoys publicity department, “‘Le Garcon Scandaleux’ is the story of three models who embark on sexual adventures instigated by the ultra charming Sean Ford, ‘The Scandalous Boy.’ Seemingly aloof, Sean is inspired by a famous gravestone visit to make the most of their Paris Fashion Week trip by issuing a challenge to his fellow models Cory Kane and Ben Masters. They’re all to make old school sexual conquests ‘fairly and without restrictions, on the street and in the dark.”

Jake Jaxson further added…“Bonjour! I am thrilled to present the first installment of ‘Le Garçon Scandaleux,’ ‘The Scandalous Boy,’ a very special collaboration and co-production with Pink TV in France. There are very few places in the world that hold on to and are imbued with the glorious history of its past. Paris, always the mysterious enchantress, beckons even the most cynical among us, and easily seduces the wide-eyed hopeless romantics like me.” said Jaxson.

Jaxson went on to say…”There’s a ‘sense of place’ that has brought me back to Paris again and again, and why CockyBoys has returned to shoot and play there over the years — but those trips have been brief and hurried at best.” said Jaxson. “I was beyond thrilled when the team at PinkTV/PinkX asked if I was interested in collaborating with them to create a special project shot in Paris and using and supporting French talent from their gay porn community. The following is a fun and sexy romp through gay Paris, and I was thrilled to be able to shoot it and feature some of my favorite places in the city: Les Mots A La Bouche, Le Depot, SunCity Spa, Gym Louvre and I love a good cemetery — so go to Père Lachaise Cemetery and say hello to Oscar.” concluded Jaxson.

Le Garcon Scandaleux (2019) CockyBoys - PinkTV-PinX NSFW Trailer

The first installment of “Le Garcon Scandaleux” is now playing exclusively on the CockyBoys Gay Porn Network.

Cast: Ben Masters | Carter Dane | Paul Delay | Sean Ford

genres: Big Dicks | Blowjobs | Deep Throating | Power Bottoms | Twinks

Le Garcon Scandaleux (2019) CockyBoys - PinkX

Le Garcon Scandaleux (2019) CockyBoys – PinkX

Directed by: Jake Jaxson | RJ

Production Co: CockyBoys | Pink X

Distributed by: Media Partners | Pink TV

Country: USA

Language: English

Release date: February 7, 2019

According to Media Partners, CockyBoys official distributor, once the entire series of Le Garçon Scandaleux (The Scandalous Boy), has been released on CockyBoys, it will then run exclusively on Pink TV beginning April 2019.

Article by: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

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