LAS VEGAS, NV — (11-28-18) — Replicas, the upcoming American science fiction film starring Keanu Reeves, Alice Eve and Thomas Middleditch has released its final trailer.  The thriller sci-fi film is directed by Jeffrey Nachmanoff and written by Chad St. John from a story by Stephen Hamel.

Critics call ‘Replicas’ a true sci-fi thriller that tells the story of a biologist who violates all possible laws and principles in order to bring his family members back to life, after they died in a car accident.

Replicas (2019) - Keannu Reeves - screenclip-1-112818-JRL-CHARTS

Replicas (2019) - Keannu Reeves - screenclip-4-112818-JRL-CHARTS

Replicas (2019) - Keannu Reeves - screenclip-5-112818-JRL-CHARTS

“In this sci-fi thriller, neuro-scientist William Foster (Keanu Reeves) is on the verge of successfully transferring human consciousness into a computer when his family is tragically killed in a car crash. Desperate to resurrect them, William recruits fellow scientist Ed Whittle (Thomas Middleditch) to help him secretly clone their bodies and create replicas. But he soon faces a “Sophie’s choice” when it turns out that they can only bring three of the four family members back to life.”

The Replicas sci-fi thriller showed at the 2018 Night Visions International Film Festival in Finland. Entertainment Studios Motion Pictures has scheduled the theatrical release of Replicas for January 11, 2019.

Cast: Keanu Reeves | Alice Eve | Thomas Middleditch

genres: Sci-Fi

Replicas: Official Website

Replicas-2019-Keanu-Reeves-Theatrical-Poster-112818-JRL-CHARTSDirected by: Jeffrey Nachmanoff

Written by: Chad St. John

Produced by: Lorenzo di Bonaventura | Keanu Reeves

Production co: Company Films | Di Bonaventura Pictures

Distributed by: Entertainment Studios Motion Pictures

Country: USA

Language: English

Theatrical Release Date: January 11, 2019

Article by: Michael ‘The Sizzler” Jacobs, Staff Writer

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