BATHURST, NSW — (11-11-18) — Isobutyl Nitrate was found during a police raid of the Flirt Adult Store.  The owner of the adult store has been placed on a two-year good behavior bond after appearing before Bathurst Local Court on possessing and/or attempting to prescribe a prohibited substance.

Once again authorities target legitimate adult store businesses over idiotic charges.

The search of the Flirt Adult store located at 235 Russell Street.,  took two hours to complete, with police also seizing CCTV footage from within the store. During the search police also located in the rear room a plastic tub containing various vials of isobutyl nitrate.

Police said they received information relating to the accused and applied for a search warrant of the Flirt Adult store. Two staff members called Jeff Oliver who was given an occupier’s notice and given time to obtain legal advice.

The Flirt adult store owner Jeff Oliver, 51, of Barney Street, Windradyne, pleaded guilty to the charge before Magistrate Follent who did not record a conviction. Instead sentenced Jeff Oliver to a Conditional Release Order.

Jeff Oliver was also sentenced for displaying a water pipe in a shop, which was taken into account of Form 1 by Ms Follent. Two other charges against Flirt adult store owner Jeff Oliver were for supplying a prohibited drug and goods suspected of being stolen. Both of those charges were marked withdrawn and dismissed.

An agreed upon statement of facts tendered to the Bathurst Local Court told how on May 26, 2017, Jeff Oliver was found in the possession of 588 glass bottles of isobutyl nitrate.

In the kitchen area of the Flirt Adult Store, police located 29 boxes containing bottles of isobutyl nitrate. In total, 588 bottles were located in in two separate areas.

The glass bottles were labelled and identified as 138 bottles of Hardware Liquid Aroma, 123 bottles of Super Rush Liquid Incense, 123 of Amsterdam, 120 Rush Liquid Incense, 24 bottles of Rainbow, 36 glasses of The Real Amsterdam, 16 bottles of Amsterdam Poppers and one glass bottle.

The bottles were tested and the result was isobutyl nitrate, a restricted substance which in the public interest should only be supplied upon the written prescription of a medical practitioner.

The Flirt Adult Store is an excellent place to shop and for the owner to be harrassed over charges such as these, goes t show that we must continue to support our brick & mortar boutiques worldwide during times such as these.  Customers of the Flirt Adult Store, continue to support the adult entertainment business.  Follow The Flirt Adult Store on Facebook | Twitter

Article by: Jack MacNamara, Staff Writer

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