LAS VEGAS, NV — (10-13-18) — LOBODA is the hot Ukrainian pop artist who just hit 21 million views with her new music video, SuperSTAR. Fans have spoken and the new music video to the hit single SuperSTAR is a certifiable hit.

The young Ukrainian pop star is known for going in on catching fans attention especially with her music videos. A Madonna of the 21st Century perhaps?

Now honestly, with the SuperSTAR music video needing a 18+ disclaimer in the title, you know it has got to be a hit! Simply because she has a gay and lesbian couple kissing, the Eastern European conservatives decided to slap an 18+ disclaimer ont he music video. That has only help catapult the single even more.



“Loboda sets the mood with panoramic shots of herself on a dirt bike trail juxtaposed with musings of a woman really feeling her erotica fiction. The Ukrainian singer’s voice softly narrates the changing scenes as we see images of a woman who, pushed to the edge by love and other matters, fails to hang herself. There’s also a plethora of glamour shots of the singer with her well-coiffed pooch.”

As the thumping beats of the song start, we are treated to white sand beaches, chiseled bods and references to adultery, as a woman dumps her cheating boyfriend, whose affair is with a man. Thankfully she flees into the arms of our Anti-Crisis Girl for some same-sex comfort. That’s a way to Celebrate Diversity, yeah?

Claiming that “he is today, but she is tomorrow”, the chorus and the breakdown lead to flawless beach side choreography. Loboda poses in a red jumpsuit, works it on a pickup truck and struts her stuff in a neon bodysuit with plenty of fringe.” Synopsis by: Pablo Nava


genres: Pop Music | Electric Pop | Dance

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Loboda-superSTAR-Song-CoverFollow LOBODA: ВКонтакте | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Directed by: Natella Krapivina

Director of Photography: Phil Li

Produced by: Mariietta Volynska

Record Label: Moon | Sony Music Entertainment

Release date: August 6, 2018

Article by: Michael “The Sizzler” Jacobs, Staff Writer

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