GLASGOW, SCOTLAND — (02-25-23) — Joesef struck gold with his love song music video, ‘Just Come Home With me Tonight M/V will have hearts dropping. The singer-songwriter and pop sensation.

Released back in November of 2022, the ‘Just Come Home With me Tonight’ is capturing major attention from the JRL CHARTS Gay Music News Division, especially with the track being his first single from his debut album, Permanent Damage (2023).

Joesef-Just Come Home With me Tonight-MV-Screen Clips-jrl charts

Joesef-Just Come Home With me Tonight-MV-Screen Clips-jrl charts

“I wrote this song before I even knew I was going to make an album,” said Joesef of his pure fire love song. “I’ve kept it quite close until now and it’s definitely one of my favourite songs I’ve made. It’s about meeting my ex at a party and realising they’d moved on. The change between us was so palpable and that little light in his eyes that he carried for me wasn’t there anymore. The song uses the demo vocal take I recorded in my bedroom in Glasgow. We tried recreating it but there’s sometimes an inimitable magic within a demo that can’t be touched. It’s strange hearing my voice back in this way, not being in that headspace anymore. I wish I could tell that version of myself that I’ll be alright soon,” said Joesef.

The Permanent Damage album follows Joesef’s 2020 EP’, Does it Make You Feel Good?.

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Permanent Damage (2023)

Lead Cast:
Giles Surridge
Adam Monks

Luis Hindman

Assistant Director:
Danny Rumbelow

Director of Photography:
Nikita Khatsarevich

Executive Producer:
Francesca Woods

Aidan Robert Brooks

Production Company:
Camp Productions

Nathan Dunphy
Lyle Scougall

Record Label:

Country of Origin:
United Kingdom


Run time:
4 Mins 29 Secs

Release date:
November 17, 2022

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Article by: Michael “The Sizzler”, Staff Writer

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