LAS VEGAS, NV — (09-26-18) — Lovers of Interracial gay erotica will love JOCKED, starring Helix Studios exclusives Corey Marshall and Marcell Tykes.

Casting agents at Helix Studios describes gorgeous power bottom Marcell Tykes as an impulsive imp who is a pleasure seeking missile pointed toward a fun time. It’s no shock that Marcell finds his way onto the laps of Helix’s hottest jocks. Fierce and feisty, this gymnast knows how to handle his body and make a top flip. Truly a perfect ten and a perfect fit of the Helix elite stable of talent.

Plus gorgeous Top man Corey Marshall earned his fair share of attention from Helix exclusive models who couldn’t wait to get the buff boy in bed. Quiet and courteous, the California native keeps his fans and co-workers, craving for more. Corey’s not only sexy, he’s smart. This college student spends the majority of his time studying to be a nurse. Brains sure do a body good!

JOCKED-nsfw-Corey Marshall and Marcell Tyker

Jocked-nsfw-Corey Marshall and Marcell Tykes

Now these two young superstars bring it raw in ‘JOCKED’ directed by Alex Roman. JOCKED premiered on the Helix Studios gay porn network on Wednesday September 26.

“After a brisk morning nature walk, Corey Marshall and Marcell Tykes arrive back home with a horny hunger. Walking next to either one of these hot young muscle twinks with their shirts off would raise anyone’s morning wood! The instant the door closes, the dick hungry hikers heat things up with a passionate make out session where wandering hands find exactly what they’re looking for. Tykes gets on his knees and takes a tasty tour of Corey’s cock. He works the giant jock like a job, deep throating the thick throbber with some helping hands from his huge hunk at the back of his head. Marshall has been slipping his hands inside Marcell’s pants, massaging that magnificent, meaty muscle ass all day. Now, he needs a taste. The gorgeous golden boy plants his face in Tyke’s tight tush for one of the HOTTEST ass eatings ever put on film. He spreads the boy’s buttery brown booty while burying his tongue deep. He strokes his stiff schlong; which, the kid’s can has worked up into a raging hard fuck hammer that needs tending to. Corey orders Tykes onto his hog for a raw ride. Marcell mounts his muscled young man like a horse and holds on tight while the big beast bucks raw, hard bone deep up into his hot little hole. The perfect pair switch it up and Tykes gets that tight end torn apart on the foot stool in doggy style. He works his bulging bone while his butt takes a beautiful beating that brings him to the brink. He blasts fresh cream everywhere as Corey continues cramming him full of cock. Marshall arrives right after Marcell, unleashing every white hot ounce of liquid lust onto Tykes’ beautiful brown, thickly muscled back.”

Watch ‘JOCKED’ exclusively on the Helix Studios Gay Porn Network.

JOCKED -nsfw-movie-trailer-Helix Studios

Cast: Corey Marshall | Marcell Tykes

genres: 18-25 | College Boys | Big Dicks | Black Twinks | Blowjobs | Interracial

Helix Studios: Official Site

Directory: Alex Roman

Producer: Casey Roman

Executive Producer: Keith Miller

Production co: Helix Studios

Distributed by: Helix Studios Direct

Country: USA

Language: English

Country: USA

Release date: September 26, 2018

Article by: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

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