‘Sneaking In’ (2018) is the new mouthwatering raw release from the 8teenboy gay erotica label and features gorgeous gay erotica sensations ‘Jimmy Andrews’ and ‘Adam Hunt’. Time and time again Helix Studios drops some of the hottest 18-21 gay raw genre lovers the most stimulating fantasies ever captured on video!  In fact legendary director Alex Roman brings out the animal passions of ‘Jimmy Andrews’ and ‘Adam Hunt’ in the 22 minute gay bareback production of ‘Sneaking In’ (2018).

On top of driving gay twink bareback lovers crazy with ‘Sneaking In’, Helix Studios and 8teenboy are also shipping their latest masterpiece on DVD to retail with Parks and Recreation (2018) starring Adam Hunt, Alan Davis, David Rhodes, Bruce Faster and Devin Lewis. One wonders if ‘Sneaking In’ will give ‘Parks and Recreation’ a run for its money!

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“Mom and Dad are asleep and Adam Hunt has a new boyfriend AND a plan! After texting his horny twink heartthrob Jimmy Andrews, he sneaks the dirty blond boy in the backdoor conveniently located next to his bedroom door! The thrill of getting caught combined with the young puppy luster’s raging teen hormones is the perfect combo for these combustible cocksuckers to tear into one another the second Adam’s bedroom door closes. A steamy teen make out session gets ’em going and our scalding hot sexpot’s clothes just seem to melt away! Hunt inhales every inch of Jimmy’s giant Johnson while Andrews pulls his thirsty throat even deeper down onto his thick dick by the back of his pretty blond head. Andrews orders Adam to “bring that ass over here,” and an ass eating, cock sucking 69 goes down before Andrews’ appendage NEEDS to penetrate some tight pink pucker! He commands Hunt to hop on his hog and blondie sits right down on the kid’s big rig bareback and quickly gets to bouncin’! Adam’s ample appendage swings around hypnotically while he hops up and down on Jimmy’s huge hog before our top twink gets the kid on all fours and dirty dogs the dude. Jimmy has been working out and it SHOWS! He looks fantastic while piston pounding the pretty boy to a porny pulp, serving his schlong slut’s smooth sphincter a hefty helping of cock while his chiseled teen body flexes as he fucks. Keeping in control, Andrews orders his dick bitch onto his back so he can look at the boy’s angelic face while his smooth bubble butt muscles his meat deep into Hunt’s hind end. The tight muscle twink keeps cramming cock till he fucks the cum right out of Adam. Hunt heaves a heavy load of cream, dousing his delicious teen dream torso with a ton of twink juice. Jimmy whips his whopper out and hoses the kid down some more, milking every last drop of yummy nut from his hulking, heaving love hammer.”

Cast: Jimmy Andrews | Adam Hunt

genres: Gay Twinks | Bareback | Power Bottoms | Blowjobs | College Boys

Directed by: Alex Roman

Produced by: Keith Miller

Official Website

Production co: 8teenboy Studios

Distributed by: Helix Studios Direct | 13 Red Media

Country: USA

Language: English

Runtime: 22 Minutes

Release date: June 7, 2018

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Article by: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

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