Deep! South is the eye grabbing gay erotica film coming soon from Perfect Match Entertainment and Pulse Distribution. Bringing gay erotica fans the genre of southern young men engaging in one mouth watering gay hardcore production that only Perfect Match could deliver.

With over 87 minutes of non-stop action to satisfy the Southern hospitality and appetite that we all enjoy from time to time, Deep! South is sure to generate impressive numbers both in retail and on Video on Demand.

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Deep! South brings a cast consisting of gay adult film star Alex Knight and co-starring Josh, Xavier, Carson, Cash, Ean, Jake B. and Krys.

“Things are certainly different in American, so if you dare to journey down to the Deep South, it’s not the red-necks or hill-billies that you need to be wary of – it’s the good-looking, straight up horny guys who are on the look out to seduce young visitors and relieve them of more than just their money. Feather-light kisses put them at ease as wandering hands skim over smooth chests before finger-stepping down firm six packs to seek out a hard gristle missile that is aching to be touched and tasted. They get their hard cocks and balls sucked on so good that they can’t resist their ass pummelling urges and give in to go deep-ass diving! Debauch yourself with a hot and spicy taste of southern decadence!”

Pulse Distribution has scheduled Deep! South (2018) to begin shipping on May 22, 2018 with an arrival date in retail nationwide on May 31, 2018.

Vimpex Media will distribute the film throughout the EU beginning May 22, 2018.

Adult consumers can review Deep! South (2018) on VOD

Cast: Josh | Xavier | Alex Knight | See Full Cast

genres: DILF | Twinks | Hairy | Power bottoms | Blowjobs

Production co: Perfect Match Entertainment

Distributed by: Pulse (US) | Vimpex Media (EU)

Country: USA

Language: English

Ship Date: May 22, 2018

Street Date: May 31, 2018

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