By: Andy Powell, Staff Writer

YORBA LINDA, CA — The legendary ForPlay Lubricants and California Fantasies have confirmed to this reporter that they have just launched their Private Label Opportunities for retailers worldwide to kick off the holiday season.

That’s right retailers, the power house brands are now offering you the opportunity to create your own brand of premium lubricants, delay products and other sensual products that your customers crave every single day they enter your brick & mortar location or visit your online superstore.

This is awesome timing retailers because as you know, ForPlay recently unveiled its PrePair®Spermicidal exquisite New Look and Sizes which will go nicely for your inventory when you place your order for your new private label branded products!

According to our contacts inside ForPlay and California Fantasies, retailers will be able to choose from ForPlay’s extensive range of FDA cleared formulas to create a lubricant line that’s just right for your brand.

Talk about expanding your reach not only with your existing customer base, but with their word of mouth that will attract new clientele to your very own branded products for the holiday season. Do we hear cash registers ringing? Notifications of sales beeping?

Remember retailers, you can choose from California Fantasies selection of massage creams, warming lubricants, desensitizing creams, men’s delay products, female arousal products and so much more. In the true tradition of ForPlay Lubricants and California Fantasies, there is no order too big or too small!

Retailers don’t delay as the holiday season is now in full swing, contact Mike Mortazavi for more information on private label opportunities at 714-693-1881 | EMAIL | Facebook | Twitter

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