By: Andy Powell, Staff Writer

Legendary ForPlay Lubricants and the stunning eye grabbing California Fantasies Senior Account Executive Jenny Tse, took the time out to chat with me on the success of the two major brands have had so far in 2018 and what they have in store for retail and adult consumers.

Andy Powell: Jenny, thank you for chatting with me here on JRL CHARTS. First off congratulations on a successful B2B Trade show spree. Let me ask you, what was the main highlights from the shows this year for ForPlay Lubricants and California Fantasies?

Jenny Tse: Hi Andy! We had tremendous success at the shows! Everyone we met with were excited about our new multi-lingual marketing campaigns.

Andy Powell: Now that’s how to kick off the year Jenny… Now tell me…it’s been a great year for many brands in Lubricants and massage oils, cleansers… your professional opinion, how do you see the marketplace right now and how you became a member of the ForPlay and California Fantasies family after working with its competitors for so many years?

Jenny Tse: 2018 will be my 23rd in the industry, and yes, I’ve seen and tried great products from many companies throughout the last two decades. With products like lubricants, I tend to choose products from companies that have long standings and good reputations. With consumers becoming more informed and educated, the demand for quality products will continue to increase. I wouldn’t say I was working for any competitors since the majority of experience has been in novelties.  Carmen and I have known each other for many years.

Andy Powell: That’s why you have a winning formula….that bond and trust and good business sense always works especially when you have profitable products to work with. Now with that being said….with all of the competition in the Lubricant and massage oil markets, what makes California Fantasies and ForPlay Lubricants stand out and get noticed?

Jenny Tse: ForPlay was founded and has been FDA-approved since 1980. The entire ForPlay line is FDA-approved, which is unique to the industry. California Fantasies offers a wide selection of personal care and enhancement products. It’s inclusive, there’s something for everyone. What I love most is both companies are female-owned and operated. That means we get things done!

Andy Powell: Oooh Watch out now….Now I’m sure you know this as you always keep your ear to the ground in retail, many merchants are loving the packaging on both of the stimulating brands of ForPlay Lubricants and California Fantasies. Who was the mastermind behind the packaging of hot brands such as Forplay Premier Gels and Prepair for Pleasure to name a few? And how it has exploded over the past year?

Jenny Tse: We have an amazing team of artists behind the designs for the NEW Premier Gels and PrePair packaging. Even with the new designs and packaging, we are keeping the original products, such as the Gels, Gel-Plus, and Lube DeLuxe in their original bottles, with the original dome-shaped tops. Our loyal customer base look for the bottles in stores and unbeknownst to most, the bottle and dome cap combo is ForPlay’s trademarked look. For those who prefer tubes over bottles,  ForPlay lubricants are also available in 2.2 oz or 5.2 oz tubes.

Andy Powell: Jenny, as you know retailers are somewhat reluctant to put up display areas for brands due to the size of their stores but, many are beginning to see the value in putting out display set ups as customers are drawn to it when it is eye catching. Will Forplay Lubricants and California Fantasies be doing any new floor displays for retailers in 2018 and if so, will they be interactive?

Jenny Tse: In late 2017, we launched a “Top-Sellers” Planogram offer with a few selected chain stores. This planogram featured all of ForPlay’s top-selling products. Shelf-talker cards, with product benefits were provided with each product grouping. It was very successful and the program has since expanded to more retail stores. The demand for Spanish marketing materials is huge, so we will have all marketing materials in English or Spanish. A similar program is also being offered for California Fantasies. Retailers have the option to bring in a large or small planogram, depending on their available shelf space is.

Andy Powell: We are sure to be covering more of your exciting promotional marketing tools for retailers here on JRL CHARTS. Especially With gay pride coming up fast, in fact in only 14 weeks we kick off PRIDE season 2018. Can you tell me of any inside dish that ForPlay and California Fantasies will be offering for what is being described as the largest PRIDE season of all time?

Jenny Tse: During PRIDE season, we are offering substantial discounts on ALL ForPlay products. We will provide more details as PRIDE season approaches.

Andy Powell: Oh that’s good Jenny..tease retailers!….I can’t wait too see the display ads on those! Now…will ForPlay and California Fantasies be teaming up with retailers at their booths during the festivals this year or, will you be doing an exclusive ForPlay/California Fantasies PRIDE tour to reach consumers directly with samples, giveaways, promotional items?

Jenny Tse: For any organization holding special events, we will donate sample gift packs. Just drop us a line and give us the details and we’ll make sure the gifts arrived on time. We LOVE to give gifts!

Andy Powell: I have a feeling retailers such as The Lions Den Adult Superstores, and Romantix Adult Superstores  to name a few are going to be ringing and emailing you like crazy as PRIDE approaches. Jenny let me tap on this area with you and I know you touched on it earlier but…many retailers are still questioning brands in regards to the FDA 510(k). While many say there are loop holes to get around it, many are giving the excuse for not stocking certain brands solely because of those lubricants not being 510(k) compliant. What have you found out when dealing directly with retail store merchants.

Jenny Tse: As I stated earlier, the entire ForPlay line has been FDA-approved and has been so since 1980. ForPlay was the first and most trusted brand of lubricants designed to be sold solely in the adult industry. We don’t have gimmicks or do huge spiffs – we just make premium quality lube, at a fair price. The retailers that do stock ForPlay does well with the line. If any consumers need to check on any item’s 510(k) clearance, they can search on the FDA’s website.

Andy Powell: One thing I as well as many retailers have noticed is that… ForPlay Lubricants and California Fantasies expansion with distributors has been impressive and noticeable. This is always a good thing. What drew distributors to stock these two “MUST STOCK” brands?

Jenny Tse: ForPlay’s for its quality and pricing. California Fantasies for its wide range of offerings, in sizes that brick and mortar stores can sell easily, and in huge quantities!

Andy Powell: Now you know I can’t let you get away without asking about any future consumer contests in conjunction with retailers both brick & mortar and online e-commerce stores.

Jenny Tse: We have a few things in the works. You’ll have to follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to find out. Wink! Wink!

Andy Powell: Nicely done there Jenny….this year ForPlay and California Fantasies have picked up heavy promotion on social media. In fact, on both Twitter and Facebook, ForPlay Lubricants and California Fantasies have been getting noticed by retailers, consumers and adult pleasure product reviewers who are eager to be linked to ForPlay Lubricants and California Fantasies.. Can we expect to see more campaigns on social media for B2B and B2C reach in 2018?

Jenny Tse: Most definitely. We have

Andy Powell: One thing retailers have taken hold to is for manufacturers and/or distributors, are making it a point to come in to the brick & mortar outlets and help merchants set up promotional displays and inventory to make it appealing to their customer base. What are your thoughts for retailers in this area and if retailers reach out to you, will you be available for in store help with marketing and promotional setups for the ForPlay and California Fantasies MUST STOCK brands?

Jenny Tse: Oh, absolutely! I always offer my merchandising services. It also give me an excuse to get out of the office. So, call me people!!!

Andy Powell: That is so true and retailers truly appreciate it the assistance as well especially when it increases their profit margins. Before I let you go, I wanted to thank you for taking out the time to chat with me here on JRL CHARTS Jenny. We are truly excited to see what you and your team have coming down the pike for not only retailers and distributors but for adults who can never have enough lube for their stimulating pleasures.

Jenny Tse: Thanks Andy! We are excited about what’s to come this year! Here’s to a successful 2018 to you and everyone!

Retailers, you can contact Jenny Tse at ForPlay® Lubricants and ©California Fantasies Headquarters at 1-714-693-1881 | EMAIL | Facebook | Twitter.

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