By: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

NEW YORK — UN Ambassador Nikki Haley responded with conviction to defend herself for lying to the press and on twitter over the United States Vote to support the death penalty for the LGBT community worldwide.

The backlash has been swift among social media however there has been ZERO coverage of this story on any of the mainstream media outlets in the USA or cable news channels both Left and Right.

The outrage over the United States voting “no” with Saudi Arabia and Iraq, on a resolution that passed today by the 47-member Human Rights Council condemning the use of the death penalty in discriminatory fashion which for the first time included homosexuality.

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Twenty-seven nations voted in favor of the resolution while 13 voted against it and 7 abstained from the vote.

Haley went in front of the cameras as well as going on Twitter to lie to the American people by claiming that the Obama administration did the same thing in 2014 over the same resolution.

In fact back in 2014, the Obama administration abstained from the vote on a resolution that did not include language of same-sex relationships.

Review Resolution Oral Revision received on 28.09.2017

Needless too say, the comments made by Americans on Social media were swift and blunt.


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