By: Michael “The Sizzler” Jacobs, Staff Writer

Logic’s Gay Theme Music Video Nears 16 Million Views

LAS VEGAS, NV — Logic gave an outstanding performance of his third single off of his third album and first No.1 album in the USA on the Billboard 100 chart, Everybody (2017) at the MTV VMA Awards which can view below this past Sunday August 27 and now, the mega music hit which features a gay theme of a young gay couple being confronted with their sexuality and the ordeal of what today’s gay youth endure on a daily basis in “1-800-273-8255 Ft Alessia Cara and Khalid.

The music was uploaded on August 17 and is already approaching 16 Million YouTube views in only 10 days as of the posting of this article.

Logic describes his latest masterpiece:
“So the first hook and verse is from the perspective of someone who is calling the hotline and they want to commit suicide. They want to kill themselves. They want to end their life. When I jumped on a tour bus that started in Los Angeles, California and I ended in New York City and did a fan tour where I went to fan’s houses and shared meals with them, hung out with them, played them my album before it came out. Them along with other people on tour, just fans that I met randomly, they’ve said things like, “Your music has saved my life. You’ve saved my life.” And I was always like, “Aw so nice of you. Thanks.” And I give them a hug and shit but in my mind, I’m like, “What the fuck?” And they’re really serious. And they tat shit on their arms and get shit like lyrics that save their life and in my mind, I was like, “Man I wasn’t even trying to save nobody’s life.” And then it hit me, the power that I have as an artist with a voice. I wasn’t even trying to save your life. Now what can happen if I actually did?”

Cast: Don Cheadle | Coy Stewart | Nolan Gould | Luis Guzmán | Matthew Modine

Artist: Logic | Alessia Cara | Khalid

Director: Andy Hines

Written by: Andy Hines

Executive producer: Luga Podesta | Brandon Bonfiglio

Producer: Andrew Lerios | Alex Randall

Director of photography: Jeff Bierman

Production Designer: Hannah Beachler

Production co: Team Visionary Group

Distributed by: Def Jam Recordings

Edited by: Joe Calardo

Now, Watch the official Logic – 1-800-273-8255 ft. Alessia Cara, Khalid Music Video and be prepared to be moved in more ways than one.

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