By: Andy Powell, Staff Writer

BROOMFIELD, CO.— Leading pleasure products manufacturer Eldorado Trading Company, has confirmed the release of the ninth lesson in its award-winning e-learning series, “All About Anal”.

Brand manager at The Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health and one of the main personalities of the program commented, Erin Basler, said…“Research shows the number of people engaging in anal play has nearly tripled in the past 20 years. It’s awesome to see so many people recognizing the pleasure potential anal play has to offer, but that enthusiasm doesn’t necessarily transfer into fun, healthy sexy times.” said Basler. “Anal play requires some extra considerations (like lubrication) that people may not realize. All About Anal gives retail workers the tools to guide customers on their anal adventures,” said Basler.

The highly anticipated All About Anal lesson will give learners the knowledge needed to support their customers in having safe and pleasurable anal sex experiences. The lesson will go more in-depth about important precautions to promote safe anal play, the difference between the receptive and penetrating partner controlling the speed of entry and how different anal toys provide stimulation.

Eldorado’s Elevate U 16-lesson e-learning series covers a variety of sexual health topics that goes beyond product focus. The lessons are intended to empower Eldorado’s retailers with accurate sexual health information so they can confidently and correctly answer sexual health related questions. With this knowledge, retailers can offer customers an excellent in-store experience in order to create repeat business, become a trusted community resource and have a competitive advantage.

Since Elevate U’s launch at the beginning of the year, the program has received great engagement with close to 500 learners enrolled in the program thus far. Recently, Elevate U won the 2017 StorErotica Award for ‘Marketing Campaign of the Year’.

“In an industry that is constantly changing with new products and information, Elevate U has given our team of retail sex educators new and up-to-date information about sexual health and well-being and product information,” said Amy Schoff of Dick & Jane’s Naughty Spot in South Dakota. “Being able to better inform our customers about products and sexual health has increased our sales and customer satisfaction. I would recommend Elevate U to any retail store looking to educate their customer and help them make informed decisions about their purchases.” said Schoff.

Retailers the e-learning series is available to active Eldorado customers as an added value to working with Eldorado and lessons will continue to be released throughout the remainder of the year.

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