By: Andy Powell, Staff Writer

LOS ANGELES — Screaming O currently is in the midst of another Australian retail tour following AdultEx, which showed off the brand’s products to some of the country’s leading adult stores.

Screaming O Account Executive Dan Holman said…”With the Charged line taking a front row seat, the brand has teamed with retail chains Club X, Nauti & Nice, Oh Zone, Everything Adult/The Den, Naughty But Nice and several other prominent retail chains that have reported huge sales as a result of the company’s foray into affordable rechargeables.  We have focused heavily on our Top 25 best sellers, Charged, and our January product releases during this season’s Australia tour and some of our biggest supporters are already reporting strong sales numbers, which is exactly what we like to hear,” said Holman.

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“We’ve done great business with stores like Naughty But Nice, Club X, Adult World, Good Vibrations, The Den,, and Everything Adult, and our relationships keep growing stronger. In the coming months, we’ll be stocking them with custom graphics, floor and counter displays, and other marketing tools to help the sales numbers continue to grow.” said Holman.

As part of its ongoing international expansion, Holman said Screaming O works directly with stores to update sales tools, merchandising materials and product selection to ensure shoppers have access to the latest and most popular items from The Screaming O catalog.

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“Visiting with my Australian customers is invaluable because I get to see their smiling faces as we walk the floor and see how we can enhance displays, update signage, and help each other boost profits,” added Holman. “Because Australia is one of our fastest-growing markets, it has become more important than ever to make these in-person visits and support our Aussie stores with the same level of attention that our domestic partners receive.” said Holman.

“Buying decisions are different down under and my goal is to learn more about consumers’ tastes and what stores need most in terms of messaging, marketing and merchandising to help increase sales.” concluded Holman.

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The expansion in Australia is part of Screaming O’s ongoing international retail initiative, which has brought the Screaming O brand into territories across the E.U., South America, Asia and South Africa.

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