By: Jack MacNamara, Staff Writer

UNITED KINGDOM — ElectraStim has re-engineered the Jack Socket to more comfortably accommodate the well-endowed gentleman.

The Jack Socket XL is a male stroker that combines electro-sex technology with the familiar sensations of a soft, “realistic feel” masturbator.

“By carefully removing surplus width in the TPE material of the sleeve we have managed to widen the inner canal enough to make a substantial difference in sensation and a ‘roomier’ experience for men with a larger penis size,” said a company spokesperson. “As part of widening the inner sleeve we’ve also introduced a new ‘ribbed’ texture which creates a subtle suction sensation during play. Both the outer case and the inner sleeve can still be squeezed to apply exactly the amount of pressure the user requires.”

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Due to the thinner TPE sleeve, some users may also experience enhanced electro-stimulation as the current has less distance to travel to the penis.

Jack Socket Standard and Jack Socket XL will be sold as two completely standalone products. For customers who already own the Jack Socket, the XL sleeve will also be sold separately and will fit inside their original outer case. The XL replacement sleeve will also include a new set of silicone dust caps designed to fit this specific size.

Jack Socket XL is now available for retailers worldwide. To get ordering information on Jack Socket XL, email |

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