By: William Lopez, Staff Writer

LAS VEGAS, NV — Certified sex expert and founder of b-Vibe, Alicia Sinclair, manufactures a premium, certified body-safe collection of healthy anal sex products, has impressed retailers worldwide at the AVN Novelty Expo whih opened today at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas.

The sales team at b-Vibe plans to wow the crowds with its already popular products as well as a new items that retailers are going to be amazed with.

b-Vibe is set to debut “Triplet Anal Beads”, “premium anal beads” that feature flexible tapered size beads, an easy-grip handle and two powerful motors. Both new and experienced fans of anal play can experiment with the pleasure of six vibration levels and 15 vibration patterns.

The “Triplet Anal Beads” joins b-Vibe’s other impressive products, including the “Rimming Plug” and the “Trio Plug”. The latter is nominated for an “O” Award.

“Our products cater to different user types/sizes—small, medium and large,” said Sinclair. “All b-Vibe products can be used by anyone, but it should be a product that meets the person at their comfort level. There are many different body sizes and shapes, as well as levels of experience with anal play. We encourage our fans to use the product that works best for them. Start small and work toward a larger product—or don’t. It’s not a competition and there isn’t an end goal aside from experiencing pleasure. Each person’s journey with anal play is unique to their experience and we respect that.” said Sinclair.

b-Vibe currently offers three different products. They are all premium, rechargeable, remote-controlled butt plugs that arrive complete with a beautiful travel case.

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The “Novice Plug” is a small, beginner-friendly plug that is about the size of a finger and features a slightly tapered design. It’s an ideal product for anal play beginners because of the small size and easy-to-insert tip. It arrives with a copy of The Guide to Anal Play.

The Trio Plug is a flexible, medium-size butt plug engineered with the strength and versatility of three powerful motors. The Trio Plug has eight levels of vibration strength and nine vibration patterns.

The versatile vibration strengths and patterns satisfy a wide range of intensity preferences and users. Choose from gentle and soft pulsations to fast and powerful. On the highest setting, this plug feels like it is pulsing in and out.

The Rimming Plug is b-Vibe’s most popular product because it is the first, and only, butt plug to incorporate rotating beads in the neck of the plug for a “rimming” sensation, with powerful vibration in the tip of the plug.

The combination of rotation at the entry to the anus and vibration of the interior anal canal results in exhilarating dual stimulation. This is a larger plug that is geared for more experienced users looking to try something totally different.

In 2017, b-vibe plans to release three new products into the anal play category!

“b-Vibe’s high-end design is combined with engaging branding and marketing, which is focused on conveying sex-positive education with a fun, friendly approach. We stand behind our products with easy-to-understand, hassle-free warranties,” added Sinclair. “We’ve worked to make our company much more than just a manufacturer of premium anal products. has become a resource for anyone interested in anal play.” said Sinclair.

Sinclair elaborated, “Our team of certified sex educators have written and assembled an extensive collection of tips and advice to decrease negative stigmas and ensure that anal play is pleasurable. Within the Expert Advice section, there is a wide range of anal play advice, product knowledge and support for retailers. We send bi-monthly newsletters filled with educational information and give away complimentary copies of our Guide to Anal Play at workshops, trade events, and at retail locations. We believe that information is power and wish to empower people to explore and enjoy their sexuality.” said Sinclair.

Retailers who were unable to attend the ANE show can get ordering information on these exciting new products by visiting | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube

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