By: Jack MacNamara, Staff Writer

EVANSVILLE, IN — Evansville Police have confirmed the arrest of a male suspect who late Monday night was busted exposing himself inside of an adult store.  The suspect identified as “Cesar Hernandez Contreras”, is charged with public indecency, public nudity, public intoxication, and resisting arrest.

On January 2, police were dispatched to the “Cirilla’s” located at 725 S. Green River Rd. Monday night following a complaint of a man being disruptive and causing problems in the adult boutique.

One of the clerks on duty told police that Contreras was exposing himself in one of the store’s preview rooms where adult movies can be watched. When Hernandez was asked to stop and leave, the clerk told police that Contreras ignored her and continued to expose himself in the preview booth.

Upon arrival at the store, police found Contreras in the booth, asked him to come out. He was then patted down and checked for weapons. Officers reported that they could smell alcohol on Hernandez breath and his speech was slurred.

When Contreras was taken into custody, officers say Hernandez began passively resisting by pushing against the officers and using the squad car to attempt to not let officers control him.

According to police, Hernandez also had hospital paperwork on him. Contreras allegedly later told police he passed out drunk and only remembered being taken to the hospital.

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