‘Delaware Pride Festival’  had drama as ‘Sean Wiley’, 31, was arrested on a ‘Hate Crime’ charge. The charge stems from his alleged drunken tirade at this month’s Delaware Pride Festival. According to police, Sean Wiley is now facing multiple charges including a ‘hate crime’.

Dover Police Department spokesman Mark Hoffman told the press witnesses at the Delaware Pride festival flagged down officers. When officers came over they found a 62-year-old man bleeding from a punch in the mouth. Witnesses quickly pointed out Sean Wiley as the alleged suspect.

‘Sean Wiley’ stands accused by police of punching a 62-year-old man in the mouth. According to police, Wiley who was clearly intoxicated, shouted slurs at ‘Delaware Pride Festival’ attendees. He even groped a man’s and a woman’s “private body parts”. If that wasn’t bad enough, Sean Wiley is also charged by the ‘Dover Police Department’ with attempting assault on a police officer.

According to Hoffman, the investigation progressed on the incident and after further review, police obtained a warrant for Sean Wiley’s arrest on the Hate Crime charge. On August 16, Wiley surrendered to the Dover Police Department where he is now out on bond.

Wiley faces three serious charges including disorderly conduct, public intoxication, third-degree trespassing, offensive touching, third-degree assault, menacing, and the big one resisting arrest, which is a felony in Delaware.

The ‘Dover Police Department’ say that because ‘Sean Wiley’ used anti-gay slurs, a hate-crime charge was added to his list of offensives. Wiley is currently out on bond. No arraignment date was released to the public.

Article by: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

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