By: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

YOUNGSTOWN, OH — Police have confirmed that they have in custody the suspect in an adult store’s robbery that took place last Sunday night.

Accused of shoplifting more than $100 worth of goods from a popular adult store, police arrested 48-year-old Todd Thornton on Mytle Avenue down the street from the Adult Mart located at 1410 Market Street.

adultmart-billboardAccording to the police report, an office patrolling the area spotted Thornton on Myrtle Avenue and noticed a sexual enhancement device in a bag that Thornton was carrying. The officer some how recognized the sexual enhancement device described in the items shoplifted from the Adult Mart earlier in the evening.

Police state that they interviewed a woman identified as the “Romance Specialist” from the Adult Mart – who described the shoplifter that fit the description of Thornton. According to the “Romance Specialist”, Thornton left the store without paying for several products including sex devices, adult magazines, adult DVD’s and an unidentified lubricant.

When Thornton was arrested, he allegedly told police he had found the adult products but could not state where he had found them or when. Police confiscated a total of eleven adult products plus a brass knuckles.

Todd Thornton was booked into the Mahoning County jail on charges of carrying a concealed weapon and theft.

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