‘OxBalls’ announces the release of five new toys for men, just in time for not only the 2018 Summer Season but for PRIDE Season as well!. In fact three of the new items are made in Oxballs’ new Plus+Silicone blend, which has been a huge hit with adult consumers.

First off is the ‘Gauge‘ which is a full-sized cocking modeled after heavy gauged Prince Albert jewelry. Unlike rigid steel, Gauge is made from soft and stretchy SuperFlextpr, Oxballs’ proprietary material that squishy and rubbery to the touch.

Then there is the new ‘Oxsling‘ which is a Plus+Silicone cackling that combines the stretch and strength of TPR with the warmth and softness of silicone.

The ‘Ballsling‘ is a special limited edition cackling modeled after the manufacturer’s best-selling split sling. Made from Oxballs’ Flextpr, the piece is blubbery and squishy but still firm enough to stretch and split the testicles.

Plus there is the ‘Big Ox‘ is a thick cockring made from Plus+Silicone. The padded design rests behind the testicles and pushes everything up and away form the body for a bigger bulge.

Then to round out the new selection of sex toys for men, the ‘Butch‘, which i a hefty SuperFlex cocksheath that encases the shaft to enhance length and girth. The bullet insert is designed to fit into the inner chamber and lets users customize the fit.

Don’t delay retailers, these fresh new toys for men are sure to fly off the racks upon them being inserted into your inventory for not only your regular customer base but also for your massive visitation by tourists in town for PRIDE Festivals in your area.

For more information about OxBalls, contact OxBalls Blue Design LLC at 1-866-289-5823 | 1-818-812-6643 | EMAIL | Facebook | Twitter

Contact an authorized distributor of OxBalls; AC Wholsale (AU) | Eldorado | Honey’s Place | Nalpac Ltd | Williams Trading Co.

Article by: Andy Powell, Staff Writer

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