QUEBEC, CANADA — (05-02-24) — After unleashing its ‘Size Chart Underwear‘ collection back in March, PUMP! Underwear introduces its ‘Size Chart Outerwear’ line of tank tops, swimwear and sexy shorts. Just in time for retailers to stock for PRIDE Season 2024.

The illustrious menswear brand has also released its an eye popping commercial for the ‘Size Chart OuterWear’ Collection.

“The ‘Size Chart Outerwear’ commercial is your go-to guide for understanding sizing charts, measuring yourself accurately, and ensuring that your next tank top, swimwear, or shorts is a perfect fit.”

Watch – PUMP! Underwear – Official Brand Promo

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Retailers and distributors can get wholesale ordering information on PUMP! Underwear’ ‘Size Chart Outerwear Collection by visiting their B2B Platform.

Article by: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

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