LAS VEGAS, NV — (02-07-24) — Kevin Spacey returns to the big screen in the upcoming comedy drama thriller film, “Peter Five Eight”, a film written and directed by Michael Zaiko Hall. Peter Five Eight also stars Jet Jandreau, Rebecca De Mornay and Jake Weber.

Peter Five Eight-Movie-screen-clips-Kevin-Spacey-Invincible (JRL CHARTS)

Peter Five Eight-Movie-screen-clips-Kevin-Spacey-Invincible (JRL CHARTS)

“A seemingly glamorous real estate agent in a small mountain community is revealed to be an unhinged alcoholic with a dark secret when a charismatic man in black shows up one day at the behest of his shadowy boss.”

Invincible Distribution confirmed to JRL CHARTS Movie Trailers that “Peter Five Eight” will be released in theaters March 22, 2024.

Watch – “Peter Five Eight” Theatrical Trailer

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Directed by:
Michael Zaiko Hall

Cinematography by:
Eric Liberacki

Written by:
Michael Zaiko Hall

Music by:
Harvey Davis

Editing by:
Nigel Galt

Casting by:
John Jackson

Production Design by:
Paige Smith

Produced by:
Chavez Fred
Michael Zaiko Hall
Jet Jandreau
John Lerchen

Associate Producers:
Mason Cooper
Nicolas T. Silva
John Wood Jr.

Production Companies:
Ascent Films
Mad Honey Productions
LTD Films
Forever Safe Productions

Distributed by:
Invincible (World-wide, 2024) (theatrical)

Country of Origin:
United States


Release date:
March 22, 2024 (United States)

Copyright © 2024 Ascent Films

Article by: Michael “The Sizzler”, Staff Writer

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