SAN FRANCISCO — (09-07-23) — NakedSword kicks off Fall Season 2023 with Chi Chi LaRue’s Late Night Drive-In DVD, the scorching new gay xxx feature film that is now shipping to brick and mortar stores nationwide through Falcon|NakedSword, Jackson Supply Company and SpringTownDVD.

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This must stock gay xxx feature film delivers gay adult film superstars Mike Russo, Luka Phoenix, Scott Demarco, Aaron Perez, Alexander Garrett, Marco Lorenzo, Amone Bane, Andy Adler, Jordan James, and Harvey Bridgestone

Plus retailers, get ready for your arcades to explode as Chi Chi LaRue’s Late Night Drive-In DVD is available through US Arcades, the largest network of premium adult arcades in the country with its state-of-the-art systems in 100+ retail stores across 31 states and counting!

“You smell that? That’s the overpowering stench of the unwashed cocks, day-old loads, and musky jockstraps that take a star-turn in the raunchy and unfiltered hookups of ‘Chi Chi LaRue’s Late Night Drive-In’. Get ready as director Chi Chi LaRue showcases a rowdy pack of cum-hungry perverts as they escape to the darkest and dirtiest fuck spots to worship each other’s ripe pits, filthy foreskins, and musty holes.

Bodybuilding stripper Mike Russo is the first man to break out his hairy ass as Luka Phoenix buries his nose, tongue, and big dick between his cheeks. Just down the road, Aaron Perez occupies his favorite glory hole and services the girthy meat of Scott Demarco. Next, Alexander Garrett is in the locker room shower and on a mission to inhale the post-workout funk coming from Marco Lorenzo’s uncut piece.

After that bareback gym flip-fuck, we head over to a nearby classroom where bad boy Amone Bane is giving nerd Andy Adler his first taste of another man’s cock and fucking his tight virgin hole over a desk. Jordan James and Harvey Bridgestone then come in for an explosive finale that has the muscular duo sneaking into the back of a sex shop where Jordan sets to empty out his freshly bred hole into Harvey’s open mouth.”

Watch Late Night Drive-In DVD Official Trailer (2023)

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Directed by:
Chi Chi LaRue

VP of Marketing:
Toby Morris

Executive Producer:
Tim Valenti

Production companies:

Distributed by:
Jackson Supply Company

UPC Code:



Ship date:
August 25, 2023

Street date:
August 31, 2023

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Retailers can get ordering information by contacting Falcon|NakedSword’ Wholesale Director, John Gunderson at (415) 321-6612  | EMAIL | Facebook | Falcon Blog | Tumblr | Twitter.

Article by: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

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