TORRANCE, CA — (08-18-23) (PR-JRL CHARTS) — Screaming O Pleasure Products is excited to unveil the 4B OWow and 4T OWow Vibrating Rings. These latest iterations of the beloved OWow vibrating ring, featuring the cutting-edge 4B and 4T bullet vibrators, mark a significant advancement in intimate experiences.

By embracing innovation and customer satisfaction, Screaming O continues to redefine pleasure and elevate couples’ connections.

The OWow Vibrating Ring has remained a customer favorite since its introduction, renowned for its ability to elevate intimate moments and intensify shared pleasure. With the integration of the 4B and 4T bullet vibrators, the 4B OWow and 4T OWow versions take couples’ experiences to a new level of sensation and connection.

The 4B OWow Vibrating Ring introduces a low-pitch deep rumbling vibration that resonates throughout the body, delivering exquisite pleasure that couples can savor together.

On the other hand, the 4T OWow Vibrating Ring offers a higher-pitched, tickle-and-tease sensation that promises delightful moments of anticipation and ecstasy.

“At Screaming O Pleasure Products, we are dedicated to delivering innovative solutions that enhance intimate connections,” said Dan Holman, Screaming O VP. “The 4B and 4T OWow Vibrating Rings are a testament to our commitment to customer satisfaction and redefining shared pleasure. These versions cater to diverse preferences, offering couples the opportunity to customize their intimate moments.” said Holman.

In alignment with its environmentally conscious approach, Screaming O Pleasure Products presents the 4B and 4T OWow Vibrating Rings in eco-friendly, craft paper packaging. This choice reflects the brand’s commitment to reducing its environmental impact and contributing positively to the planet.

Both the 4B and 4T OWow Vibrating Rings are available in four enticing colors – Kiwi, Blueberry, Grape, and Strawberry. The rings offer five steady speeds and one pulsation mode, allowing couples to personalize their experience according to their desires.

Screaming O Pleasure Products invites couples to embrace the heightened pleasure and connectivity offered by the 4B and 4T OWow Vibrating Rings.

By introducing these innovative versions, the brand continues to lead the way in creating products that revolutionize intimacy and redefine shared pleasure.

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