PENNSAUKEN, NJ — (08-16-23) — Retailers, JRL CHARTS Pleasure Products News can now confirm that Maia Toys’ ‘Trippy Toys’ Collection is now shipping at Williams Trading Co., the latest collection in pleasure products for women released by Maia Novelties.

On top of that, JRL CHARTS ‘Health and Wellness’ Guru Amber, has reviewed this stunning new collection of pleasure for women below!

“Step into a kaleidoscopic wonderland where reality takes a backseat and imagination takes the wheel. Man, have you ever thought about toys that teleport you straight into a technicolor dream?

Well, buckle up, because the journey into the mesmerizing world of Trippy Toys from Maia Toys is about to blow your mind like a transcendental guitar solo. Get ready to expand your consciousness and embrace the spirit of the free-spirited hippy era, because Maia Toys has dialed up the trippiness to eleven! Peace, love, and good vibes, baby.

Lucy Mushroom Pattern Rechargeable X-Long Bullet

Raise your satisfaction with the Lucy Mushroom Pattern Rechargeable X-Long Bullet. This adorably designed bullet is more than just a toy – it’s an experience. Featuring a unique mushroom pattern texture, this bullet is engineered to provide intense pleasure and stimulation exactly where you desire it. With its extra-long design, you can explore and experiment with various angles and sensations, making every moment a journey of ecstasy. Rechargeable for convenience, this bullet is your passport to a world of pleasure.

Jessi Trippy Rechargeable Super-Charged Mini Bullet

Experience mind-bending pleasure with the Jessi Trippy Rechargeable Super-Charged Mini Bullet. This compact powerhouse packs a punch that defies its size. Engineered with precision and care, the Jessi Trippy delivers an electrifying experience that will leave you craving more. With its super-charged motor, you’ll discover sensations that you never thought possible. Explore the depths of pleasure as you indulge in this pocket-sized delight, designed to make your fantasies a reality.

Shroomie 420 Rechargeable Mushroom Vibrator

Unleash your desires with the Shroomie 420 Rechargeable Mushroom Vibrator. Step into a realm of euphoria with its unique mushroom-shaped design that targets your most sensitive areas with precision. Designed to cater to your every need, the Shroomie 420 boasts a rechargeable battery, ensuring that your pleasure never runs out of fuel. Let the waves of pleasure wash over you as you embark on a journey of self-discovery and sensual satisfaction.

Grateful Deb 25-Speed Rechargeable Bullet

Embrace a symphony of pleasure with the Grateful Deb 25-Speed Rechargeable Bullet. With an impressive 25-speed range, this bullet opens doors to an array of sensations, from gentle caresses to intense pulsations. Crafted to perfection, the Grateful Deb bullet is a masterpiece of pleasure, designed to align with your desires and needs. Rechargeable and ready to accompany you on countless adventures, this bullet is your key to unlocking a world of ecstasy.

Maia Toys invites you to explore these Trippy Toys that are expertly crafted to bring your intimate moments to life. Elevate your sensual experience and discover a new plane of pleasure with their latest collection. Your journey towards ultimate satisfaction begins here.”

BONUS: Trippy Toys 8-Piece Display Now Available – Watch

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Article by: Amber, Health and Wellness Guru

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