LAS VEGAS — (08-09-23) — On July 28th, Luxxxe Studios released its fourth and final episode in the first season of the gay soap erotica “Friends in Heat” drama series: “Let the Games Begin,” starring Luxxxe Exclusive Justin Yurmouth, Multi award-winning Living Legend Brian Bonds, and Grabby’s Wall of Fame winner Jake Waters.

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Friends in Heat EP04: Let the Games Begin Plot

“Jake Carmichael (Justin Yurmouth) exacts revenge on love interest Darryl MacDaniels (Brian Bonds) when a sexy new pool boy, Troy Wheeler (Jake Waters) arrives. Jake Carmichael flirts with Troy, and Troy reciprocates. Jake and Troy can’t help themselves and they get it on. Meanwhile, tensions arise when Darryl arrives and sees Jake and Troy together. However, Jake Carmichael has the upper hand. Remembering how he felt catching Darryl in the act with Jonas Donovan (Matteo Nevaeh) in Friends in Heat Season 1 Episode 2 “Client Privilege,” Jake makes no hesitation in putting Darryl in his place. Eventually, Darryl does join in to make for a hot threesome.”

This episode is full of surprises and confessions that will lead into Friends in Heat Season 2, which will premiere in late summer of 2023.

Both Founder and CEO JD Daniels and Exclusive Model and Executive Brand Ambassador Justin Yurmouth agree that this episode is the perfect close to an amazingly sexy first season for Friends in Heat. They are both looking forward to the release of the even more erotic and intense season two.

Jasun Mark directed the entire Season One of “Friends in Heat;” Anthony Duran serves as Director of Photography and JD Daniels as creator and executive producer.

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Friends in Heat Episode 4 Official Teaser-Luxxxe Studios

Friends in Heat Episode 4 Official Teaser-Luxxxe Studios

Directed by:
Jasun Mark

Director Of Photography:
Anthony Duran

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Luxxxe Studios

Country of Origin:
United States


Run time:
25 Minutes 44 Seconds

Copyright © 2023 Luxxxe Studios

Article by: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

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