HOLLYWOOD, CA — (06-23-23) — Kostja Ullmann, Iris Berben and Marlene Tanczik star in the Netflix Original film ‘Paradise (2023), a Boris Kunz film about a man that sees the dark side of the time-manipulating biotech company he works for when a crushing debt forces his wife to give up 40 years of her life to a billionaire.

“Set in the not too distant future where the company AEON has become a multi-billion dollar big pharma conglomerate. The start-up managed it with a revolutionary technology that makes it possible to transfer lifespan from one person to another. This has serious consequences for parts of society. Elena is confronted with insurance claims that she and her husband Max cannot pay.

So she feels compelled to sell 40 years of her life to AEON. Max works for the company himself and from then on tries everything to get back the lost years of his wife. He finds out that the CEO of AEON is targeting Elena’s lifetime. So he hatches a plan to kidnap her. For Max and Elena, a hunt begins that not only takes them across national borders, but also to the edge of their own moral concepts.”

The sci-fi action thriller starring Kostja Ullmann, Iris Berben and Marlene Tanczik is set to premier on Netflix July 27, 2023.

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Boris Kunz

Written by:
Simon Amberger
Peter Kocyla
Boris Kunz

Director of Cinematography:
Christian Stangassinger

Special Effects by:
Antanas Surgailis

Casting by:
Donatas Simukauskas
Lisa Stutzky

Production Design by:
Marc Bitz
Josef Brandl

Executive Producers:
Simon Amberger
Korbinian Dufter
Rafael Parente

Produced by:
Nina Kammermeier

Development Producer:
Dorian Roth

Line Producer:
Monika Sakalauskaite

Production Companies:

Distributed by:
Netflix (World-wide) (VOD) (Video)

Country of Origin:


Release Date:
July 27, 2023

Copyright © 2023 Netflix

Article by: Michael “The Sizzler”, Staff Writer

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